If we don’t stop burning fossil fuels, then it doesn’t matter what else we do with regard to saving humanity. The planet is not in danger, we are. Individual effort has negligible direct effect on climate change, but by taking action and living a lower-carbon lifestyle we help to create new norms and join an energetic movement which helps others do the same. This opens a market for more sustainable ideas and helps convince politicians to do the right thing.

So, what can you do?


1 Talk to people – Have climate conversations – many people know that there is a serious problem. There are some topic ideas here. You can do more good if you know the Science – you can find the facts on the Science page on this web site. For an in-depth understanding you could see the key points in the IPCC AR6 report 2021 Explain the facts to people. There are difficult decisions to be made. We need to stop burning fossil fuels. Yes, t will be difficult, but not nearly so bad as what our children will face if we don’t. Support the planting of trees. And tell friends about this website so that they can explore for themselves. Ask them whether they think that the situation is similar to that in World War 2 in that:

  • It is almost certain that our children face an appalling future
  • Many feel that it is too late to do anything about it
  • It is going to require hard work from everybody to address it
  • The current approach is not going to do it

Ask people if they agree with Katharine Hayhoe that:

When you are taking action for climate, it’s not for Climate Change, it’s for you. It’s for your family, it’s for everything you love, everyone you love, every place that you love – that’s why you are doing it. There’s a significant mind shift there, so that we don’t see it as an extra “to do” on our list.


2 Support the politicians – they are not the enemy. They want to do what people need but fear that too drastic a change will be too much for most and that they, the politicians, will be voted out of office if they try. They don’t believe that people are prepared for the short term discomfort to avoid the long term disaster. Boris Johnson, arguing with protesters, is credited with saying “If you had voted for the Greens I would have believed you meant it.”

So actually write to your MP. It is easy and effective. Not an angry letter, but a friendly one telling her that you are concerned about climate change and would like more action. She will probably be on-side! Google “Contact my MP”, click on Constituency Finder, put in your postcode, follow the link and you will get her name and email.

The address https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-an-mp-or-lord/contact-your-mp/ has been useful in the past.


3 Volunteer to help. There are 7 ways in which you can help https://climatechangeactivists.org/ listed on our home page. And there are other organisations, both at home and overseas. This is the issue of our time. Planting trees will draw down excess carbon and help stop the reduction of biodiversity.


Click here to see what is done in a planting session – all ages, all levels of fitness.