About climate change activists .org

This organisation is dedicated to organising, supporting and advising those who wish to help fight climate change by planting trees.

The idea is to gather people together to plant saplings. This needs land owners to offer to share land, gardeners to grow saplings and people to attend planting days. The idea is to plant significant numbers of trees which will inspire others to start similar groups. These groups will, in turn, plant significant numbers of trees which inspire yet others. This can build into a national movement to plant trees. In part, this is not the start, there are already a number of groups.

10% of England is woodland, which compares unfavourably with an average 33% in Europe. The need is urgent.

The failure of CoP26 to achieve the agreements needed to stop the burning of fossil fuels mean that planting saplings, which was originally intended to counter legacy carbon emissions, is also needed to indicate to politicians that we want to stop the burning of fossil fuels and to encourage them to make the hard decisions.

To hear Tistalk’s interview at our planting day, click on the Tistalk image >>


In 2022 we planted over 1400 saplings to make Harfish Wood:

You can see our policy for safeguarding and protecting children and adults at risk here